In partnership with ADRA Bangladesh, Mil-Spec Metal Finishing has collaborated in several projects to help Bengali families to have a better life expectancy. Our company has helped in 11 projects in 5 different cities. About 65,475 people have been helped so far. Of these, 45,365 are women and 4,885 are children.

Mil-Spec has contributed to the children by giving them basic education so they can have access to government schools. Also, these children learn about health issues and receive medical care each month. Families are visited and advised about the development of their children.

We have also helped women with support and training in microfinance, health and hygiene, thus providing a better quality of life.

Since natural disasters are common, ADRA established “Management Committees of Natural Disasters” in different areas. Members are trained in risk reduction and work to maintain the sustainability of projects.

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