Mil-Spec Metal Finishing is a Qualified NADCAP Approved Supplier of Electroless Nickel as a Special Chemical Process, AC7108. Our scope of accreditation include the following:

Ovens Used for Thermal Treatments at a Set Point Above 250°F
Ovens for Thermal Treatments with a set point at or below 250ºF (121ºC)or for Miscellaneous Heating Processes, e.g. Part Drying.
Electroless Nickel Plating
Solution Analysis In Support of AC7108
Testing Performed Internally In Support of the Chemical Process Accreditation
B12 – Adhesion Testing (Bend Test) In Support of AC7108
B14 – Conductivity Testing In Support of AC7108
B16 – Coating Thickness Measurement In Support of AC7108

Please download a copy of our certification and scope of accreditation below:

AC7108 Certificate
AC7004 Certificate
AC7108 Scope of Accreditation
AC7004 Scope of Accreditation